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Jio Launches Wireless AirFiber, High-Speed Internet Service Without Wires

Jio’s new wireless internet service, Jio AirFiber, brings high-speed connectivity to areas where wired connections are a challenge. The service offers impressive speeds, easy installation, and extensive coverage compared to Jio Fiber.


The introduction of Reliance Jio’s ground-breaking AirFiber service in Kerala is a major milestone. Jio’s first connection, made in Thiruvananthapuram, is a reflection of the company’s dedication to expanding digital connectivity in the state.


The AirFiber technology integrates seamlessly with high-quality fiber and mobility services, enhancing the digital landscape for residents. With this move, Jio aims to provide cutting-edge connectivity solutions, reinforcing its nationwide presence.


The Jio AirFiber plan offers unlimited data at 30 Mbps speed for ₹599, while higher speed plans of ₹899 and ₹1,199 are also available at 100 Mbps. The plans come bundled with 14 OTT apps for the ₹599 and ₹899 options, and the ₹1,199 plan offers 17 OTT platforms, including popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Jio Cinema Premium.


Currently boasting an optical fiber infrastructure spanning over 1.5 million km across India, Jio positions itself in proximity to over 200 million premises. The launch of Jio AirFiber is poised to provide a best-in-class value proposition, offering digital entertainment, broadband, smart home services, and home devices at no additional cost.


This strategic expansion of Jio’s connectivity solutions is expected to revolutionize the way residents experience and engage with digital services, setting a new benchmark for wireless connectivity in the region.


Jio AirFiber vs JioFiber:

Jio AirFiber and Jio Fiber differ in their technology, speed, coverage, installation, and cost. While Jio Fiber relies on wired fiber optic cables, Jio AirFiber employs wireless point-to-point radio links, enabling it to connect users directly through wireless signals and line-of-sight communication with Jio towers.


Jio AirFiber claims to offer faster internet speeds, up to 1.5 Gbps, compared to Jio Fiber’s 1 Gbps. Jio AirFiber’s wireless technology allows for extensive coverage, surpassing the physical infrastructure limitations of Jio Fiber. Installation is simplified with Jio AirFiber, which is plug-and-play, while Jio Fiber typically requires professional installation.


Both Jio Air-fiber and Jio Fiber offer a range of plans according to the needs of users.


Jio Airfiber available in these cities

Jio is gradually introducing the AirFiber service across the country, but at its initial release, it is available in just eight cities: Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune.


How to book Jio Airfiber connection

If you’re considering getting a new Jio AirFiber connection, here’s a step-by-step guide for you.


1. Check Availability: Visit the Jio website, use the My Jio app, or contact Jio customer support to verify if Jio AirFiber is accessible in your area.


2. Initiate Booking: You can book a new connection by doing any of the following:

– Dial a missed call to 60008-60008.

– Visit the Jio website or use the My Jio app.

– Go to your nearest Jio Store.


3. Register for Jio AirFiber: Provide the necessary information to complete the registration process.


4. Await Confirmation: Jio will get in touch with you once the services become available at your building or location.


Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive your Jio AirFiber connection, which includes a WiFi router, 4K Smart Set-Top Box, and a voice-activated remote. An outdoor unit will also be installed on your terrace/rooftop or outside your home.