Airtel New Year Offer:Launches New Plans With More Benefits-Check Here


If you are preparing for a recharge and your Airtel prepaid recharge validity has ended or is soon coming to an end, there is no better time than now to look at the Yearly Prepaid Recharge offerings of Airtel. Consider ditching monthly recharges and opt for Airtel’s worry-free yearly plans this New Year.

Making the Right Choice
“Decide on the plan that best suits your needs, recharge, and stay worry-free, without bothering about any tariff hikes or recharge dates for the entire year of 2024.” If you share a similar opinion, this story analyses the yearly prepaid plans available from Airtel for 2024.

Should you opt for an Airtel yearly recharge?

While recharging with a yearly plan is at the discretion of the customer, as it comes at a one-time pricey investment, these plans help customers experience cellular services in a hassle-free manner without the need to track the offerings and benefits for the entire year.


Also, if you are an existing customer, that’s an icing on the cake, as you are already aware of the service quality and network availability. You don’t need to worry about the same unless you are foreseeing any house shifting or change of work location, under ideal circumstances.

Airtel is a Stable Operator
Moreover, Airtel remains a stable operator providing 2G/4G services without any uncertainty around its operations for the next one year, with 5G rollout already in progress at a fast pace. Chances are high that you may already be using Airtel 5G Plus services on your 5G smartphone. So, your yearly investment in mobile connectivity services is safe without a second thought. Now, with that in mind, let’s check the Yearly Prepaid recharge offerings from Bharti Airtel available at the time of this writing.

Airtel’s Yearly Prepaid Plans
Airtel offers three Truly Unlimited Yearly Prepaid Plans, of which one plan serves consumers with basic data usage, while the other two are a full package of services with daily data benefits. There is not much difference in the two offerings except the plan in the highest denomination, which offers OTT benefits and extra data.

Airtel Rs 1,799 Yearly Prepaid Plan – 24GB
If you prioritise voice and use minimal data for service/app activations and staying connected for updates, then the Airtel Rs 1,799 plan aptly serves your needs. Airtel Rs 1,799 Truly Unlimited Plan comes with Unlimited Voice, 3600 SMS, 24GB of High-speed data, all with a validity of 365 days. Additional benefits as part of Thanks rewards include Apollo 24|7 Circle Membership for 3 months, Free Hellotunes, and Wynk Music.


Airtel Data Packs
Additionally, if you have high-speed broadband Wi-Fi connectivity at home or work locations, then this plan can be the best fit both for your pocket and usage. In case of any unforeseen situations of travel or increased data usage, Airtel already offers a Rs 301 Data pack that provides 50GB of data with existing plan validity for your data needs. There are other Data Packs as well, but this one aptly serves such circumstances for the entire year.

Airtel Rs 2,999 Yearly Prepaid Plan – 2GB/Day
If you anticipate data usage for music, video streaming, emails, downloads, or any work-related activities, and you aim to stay connected on the go with high-speed data usage, then the Yearly Plan Rs 2,999 can be an ideal pick for your next recharge this New Year.

Coming to the plan benefits, in the higher price segment is the Airtel Rs 2,999 Yearly plan, which offers Unlimited Voice, 2GB Data per day with post-daily quota usage data speed up to 64 Kbps, and 100 SMS per day, all with a validity of 365 days.

Additional benefits include Unlimited 5G Data, data benefits over and above your plan limit, and can be used in 5G network areas only. This plan is the entry-level yearly plan offering Unlimited 5G data benefits and should suffice for most of your usage needs.

Other Airtel Thanks Rewards include Apollo 24|7 Circle membership for 3 months, Free Hellotunes, and Wynk Music. If you calculate on a monthly basis, this plan comes at an effective price of around Rs 250 per month for all the benefits included for your mobility needs.

Airtel Rs 3,359 Yearly Prepaid Plan – 2.5GB/Day
Now, if you are looking for a yearly plan with bundled OTT benefits such as Disney+ Hotstar, you may opt for this plan. To enjoy the OTT content, Airtel also increased the daily data allowance by 500MB compared to the above plan, justifying the price tag.

Airtel Rs 3,359 Truly unlimited yearly prepaid plan comes bundled with Unlimited Voice, 2.5GB data per day, post-daily quota usage data speed up to 64 Kbps, and 100 SMS per day, all with a validity of 365 days.

Airtel Thanks Rewards include Unlimited 5G Data, Disney+ Hotstar Mobile for 1 Year, Apollo 24|7 Circle Membership for 3 months, Hellotunes, and Wynk Music. The effective pricing of this yearly plan comes to around Rs 280 per month, with all the benefits bundled for your mobility needs.

Even if you are not having a 5G smartphone, the generous data bundled with two plans, i.e., 2GB data per day and 2.5GB data per day, should suffice for most of your usage needs.

With the tariff corrections already in force or stalled at the industry level at certain price points, and as we anticipate that tariffs won’t reduce further, it can be a safe bet to invest in a yearly plan for 2024 and stay connected without worrying about plans or tariffs for the New Year.

As the completion of 5G Rollouts is also expected in the year 2024, chances are that tariffs may only go up and not reduce any further, considering the investments in 5G and the state of the Industry.

So, if you are an existing Airtel user and are satisfied with the service offered, you can pick from any of the three yearly plans above according to your usage, perform the recharge, and welcome this New Year 2024 with a sigh of relief!

As a fun fact, 2024 is a leap year with 366 Days!


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