Poetic Prodigy-Law Student Shahid Ul Islam Captivates with Debut “The Crestfallen Soul”

A Journey from Medical Aspirations to Legal Inspirations

In a remarkable display of talent and perseverance, Shahid Ul Islam, a young author and law student from Mantipora Shangus, District Anantnag, has recently published his debut book, “The Crestfallen Soul.” The book, a collection of poetry, delves deep into the realm of reality, feelings, and vehemences, touching upon the simplest of happiness, the beauty of life, cherished memories, and the profound sadness of severance.

With 60 poignant poems, each addressing a unique emotion on every turn of the page, “The Crestfallen Soul” has the power to draw out the most intense of emotions from the depths of one’s heart. It is a must-read for poetry enthusiasts and comes highly recommended by fellow poetry lovers.

Shahid Ul Islam’s journey from being a medical aspirant during his 12th-grade years to becoming a law student is both inspiring and motivating. He initially dreamed of becoming a doctor, but certain challenges led him to reconsider his career path. Inspired by individuals like Ummar Jamal and Mir Tajamul Islam, who are also law students at the University of Kashmir, Shahid made the life-changing decision to pursue law, embarking on an exciting and fulfilling journey in the legal field.

When asked about the inspiration behind his writing and publishing journey, Shahid shared, “The idea to write and publish flashed in my mind when I started submitting various write-ups in newspapers, addressing a wide range of issues.” He also credits social media for playing a significant role in his journey, as he remained in touch with various writers and found inspiration, especially from writers like Muhammad Imran and Ummar Jamal.

Shahid Ul Islam is not only an author but also an active advocate for various social issues. He regularly contributes articles and journals to newspapers, and he is associated with numerous NGOs, including the Jammu and Kashmir Student Association. Shahid is a Campus Ambassador for the Young Lawyers Forum and the Law Students Forum, showcasing his dedication to the legal profession.

In addition to his writing, Shahid has proven to be an eloquent and motivational speaker, even earning numerous certifications and accolades from different organizations and his college. His talents extend to quizzes, as he secured the first rank in a competition in 2017. Furthermore, Shahid was shortlisted among the top 100 writers by STRO and received a certification of appreciation.

With a passion for debates and speeches, Shahid aims to keep his writings simple and lucid while maintaining an alluring style. His inspiration to write poetry emerged from personal experiences, particularly from a period of severance. Looking forward, Shahid’s ultimate goal is to become an IAS officer or work in the judiciary, further demonstrating his dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Shahid Ul Islam’s debut book, “The Crestfallen Soul,” is not only a testament to his creative prowess but also an inspiring journey from youthful aspirations to a promising legal career, fueled by his commitment to bringing about positive change through his words and actions.