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Ghat Palhallan Celebrates as Mohammad Afaan Secures Gold Medal at District Kickboxing Championship

In a triumphant moment at the Chandiloora Tangmarg District Kickboxing Championship today, Mohammad Afaan, a resilient second-grade student from Palhallan Ghat Village, claimed the coveted gold medal. Afaan, a dedicated student at Hanfia Gousia Model School Palhallan, showcased unwavering commitment, marking his second triumph after a previous bronze.

The award ceremony, attended by esteemed guests, was graced by the presence of Mr. Amir, the General Secretary of Rural Games and Sports Baramulla, along with distinguished Principals—Mr. Umar from Daffodils of Kudos and Mrs. Gulshana Akhter from CARE Institute of Education.

This victory not only spotlights Afaan’s tenacity but also emphasizes the crucial role of his mentor, Nasir Farooq. The championship stands as a proud moment for Palhallan Ghat Village, highlighting the immense potential fostered by individuals like Afaan and his dedicated coach.