JKBOSE released Exam Dates of 10th-11th and 12th Annual Exams 2024


The Jammu & Kashmir Board of School Education (JKBOSE) has recently disclosed the Academic Calendar for the upcoming academic session 2023-24 in the Union Territories of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh.


This comprehensive calendar outlines the schedule for various classes, ensuring a systematic and well-planned approach to academic activities.


The released calendar provides a detailed timeline for the conduct of annual regular examinations in the Jammu & Kashmir Divisions.


Notably, these examinations exclude hard/difficult areas, indicating a thoughtful consideration of logistical challenges in certain regions.




For Class 10th students of Soft Zones, the examinations are scheduled to commence from the second week of March. Class 11th exams are slated to begin from the last week of March, and Class 12th exams are set to kick off from the first week of March.


In contrast, hard zones, including Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh divisions, will witness the annual regular exams for 10th and 12th standard students in the second week of April-2024. The 11th standard exams for these hard zones are scheduled for the last week of April-2024.


This carefully structured timeline aims to provide students, educators, and educational institutions with a clear roadmap for the academic year, facilitating effective planning and preparation.


The delineation of examination dates is expected to contribute to a more organized and structured learning environment in the Union Territories.



By aligning study and teaching schedules with the designated examination dates, students and educators can optimize their preparation strategies and teaching methodologies, ultimately enhancing the overall academic experience.


This initiative by JKBOSE reflects a commitment to transparency and efficiency in the education system.


The release of a detailed Academic Calendar enables stakeholders to navigate the academic year with clarity, fostering a conducive environment for educational growth and development in the region.


As students embark on their academic journey, this initiative ensures that they can approach examinations with adequate preparation and focus on their educational goals.



The Director Academics of JKBOSE emphasized that the results for both soft and hard zones will be declared separately. The results for 10th standard exams are expected in the third week of June-2024, 11th standard results in the last week of June, and 12th standard results in the second week of June.


It is noteworthy that JKBOSE has strategically planned the examination schedule to cater to the unique challenges posed by hard zones, ensuring a fair and conducive environment for students in these areas.



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