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Weather Alert-Advisory :Kashmir to Witness 1-2 Feet Snow

Weather Alert-Advisory :Kashmir to Witness 1-2 Feet Snowfall

With Rains in plains of most areas of Kashmir Valley bring charm among the residents, kashmir weather forecasts weather predictions Below :


28 – 29 Jan:

Expect light to moderate rain/snow across many parts of Kashmir and some areas in Jammu until the evening of January 28, with an increase in intensity by the evening/night.

1-2 Feet Snowfall 

By the morning of January 29, most regions in Jammu and Kashmir should experience a spell of rain/snow, with the highest intensity expected in northern Kashmir.

A few places in higher elevations may witness snowfall ranging from 1 to 2 feet.

There’s also a chance of snowfall in plains, particularly in northern Kashmir, with the highest likelihood on the night of January 28 or early morning of January 29.

Weather Alert-Advisory :Kashmir to Witness 1-2 Feet Snow

Weather conditions are expected to improve from the afternoon of January 29.


30 Jan – 01st Feb:

Another Western Disturbance is expected to bring rain/snow starting on the morning/afternoon of January 30.


This system is expected to be more intense and widespread compared to the one on January 28-29.

Moderate to heavy snowfall is likely in higher elevations, with peak precipitation expected on January 31.

Jammu region is expected to receive a substantial amount of rain, while its higher reaches should experience moderate to heavy snowfall.

For the plains of Kashmir, especially in the north, there is an increased chance of snowfall in this upcoming Western Disturbance due to lower temperatures.


03 – 05 Feb:

Another Western Disturbance, associated with colder temperatures, is expected to affect from 03 Feb evening.

In the coming days, its impact will get clear.

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