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FASTag Rules: Before selling the car, know these rules related to FASTag, Otherwise you will be in trouble

FASTag Rules: Before selling the car, this rule related to FASTag must be known. If you are careless with FASTag, then there can be a big problem in the future.

FASTag Rules: FASTag was introduced to avoid long lines at toll-plazas and reduce wastage of time. It started being used so that people would get exemption from long lines at toll and there would be less jam. Let us tell you that the sticker of FASTag is put on your vehicle at a particular place and that is the place from where the toll money is deducted itself. For this, you do not have to pay money by lowering the window of your car. This is a digital payment facility, with the help of which toll is paid at toll plazas and FASTag is used for payment. But if someone has sold his car and FASTag has not been deactivated, then there can be trouble. Let us know how you can deactivate FASTag.


Why is it necessary to turn off FASTag?
FASTag can be purchased from authorized issuers or participating banks. Selling your car means that the new buyer can take all the benefits of your FASTag. Therefore, the FASTag account should be closed before selling the car.

New buyer will not be able to apply for fastag
Apart from this, the new buyer of your car can take advantage of your FASTag and can also make payment, which will be deducted from your account. On the other hand, unless you close your FASTag account, the new owner of your car will not be able to apply for a new FASTag.

How to close FASTag account?
The helpline number of the Government of India is 1033, by calling on which you can resolve all the complaints related to FASTag. Apart from this, you can also call the customer care number of your service provider.

  • NHAI (IHMCL) – Call 1033. Here the process of closing FASTag will be told.
  • ICICI Bank – Call on 18002100104 and from here you will be told the complete process of closing the account.
  • You can close the account by calling PayTm – 18001204210.
  • You can get the account closed by calling Axis Bank – 18004198585.
  • HDFC Bank – Call on 18001201243 and know the process of account closure
  • Airtel Payments Bank – Call on number 8800688006 to deactivate account