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Watch Video: SBI Has Given High Alert To Customers! All You Need To Know

Watch Video: SBI Has Given High Alert To Customers! All You Need To Know


SBI Has Given High Alert To Customers: Digital payments have become dominant in the current times. With more and more people moving to online transactions, fraud related to the same too has been on the rise. However, one must be extremely cautious while carrying out any online transaction.

The QR codes have become an increasingly popular modus operandi among fraudsters to cheat people.

State Bank of India has warned its customers about the QR code scan. The public lender has alerted people not to scan unknown QR codes and enter UPI pins.

SBI has shared a short video explaining how scanning QR codes will result in debiting money from your bank account.


How is QR Code Fraud?

SBI said that the QR code is always used for making payments, not for taking payments. In such a situation, if ever you get a message or mail to scan the QR code in the name of receiving payment, then do not scan even by mistake.

This may empty your account. The bank told that when you scan a QR code, you do not get the money, but the message comes that the money has been withdrawn from the bank account.

Follow these safety tips

  • The bank has given some safety tips which you need to understand. If you make even one mistake, you can become a pauper.
  • Verify UPI ID before making any payment.
  • Some security rules must be followed while making UPI payments.
  • UPI PIN is required only for money transfer and not for receiving money.
  • Always verify mobile number, name and UPI ID before sending money.
  • Never share UPI PIN with anyone.
  • Don’t confuse the UPI PIN even by mistake.
  • Use the scanner properly for fund transfer.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, seek solutions from other than official sources.
  • Use the help section of the app for any payment or technical issues.
  • In case of any discrepancy, seek resolution through Bank’s Grievance Redressal Portal .


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