“Swift Cardiac Interventions at North End Hospital Tappar Pattan Prove Life Saving”

In an endeavor to promote healthier living and save precious lives, a dedicated effort is underway to provide essential cardiac interventions for the residents in the northern regions. Historically, many individuals have had to undertake arduous journeys to the city to seek critical cardiac care, and tragically, some have not even been able to complete this journey. The realm of cardiology is fraught with unpredictability, where heart-related issues can arise at any moment. However, despite this unpredictability, concerted efforts are being made to bridge the gap in access to life-saving cardiac services.

This initiative recognizes the urgency of the matter, aiming to ensure that timely and effective cardiac interventions are available closer to home for those in need. In doing so, it not only enhances the prospects of survival but also contributes to the overall well-being of these communities.

“In a life-saving intervention at North End Hospital Tappar Pattan , a 67-year-old male, residing of Goushbugh Pattan , was urgently transported to the hospital due to severe chest pain and persistent dizziness lasting for the past three hours. Upon his arrival, our highly skilled medical team immediately and effectively initiated the necessary medical procedures.”

As per the statement, On recieving the patient in Emergency, A 12 lead ECG was perfomed showing acute Heart attack (Inferior wall MI ),”With utmost urgency, the patient was swiftly transported to our Cath lab without any delay, ensuring an exceptional ‘door to needle’ time.

Subsequent angiography revealed the extensive involvement of major heart vessels, primarily attributed to a critical 100% blockage in the Right Coronary Artery. Despite challenging conditions, a primary stenting procedure was undertaken, even in the presence of an intraoperative blood pressure as low as 40/20 mmHg and a bradycardiac pulse.

Following a vigorous resuscitation effort, a favorable outcome was attained as evidenced by the restoration of TIMI 3 flow subsequent to stenting. The patient received meticulous care in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) for a duration of 72 hours, during which their condition was vigilantly monitored. With time and dedicated medical attention, the patient’s cardiac health significantly improved, resulting in their discharge with a heart that was notably less ailing.

This successful intervention and recovery stand as a testament to the effectiveness of modern medical practices in the realm of cardiology.