DA and HRA Increased: DA will increase next year as well, know how much dearness allowance will increase

The salary of central employees may increase next year as well. The government can increase the dearness allowance (DA) of the employees at the beginning of next year itself.

The government increases the dearness allowance twice every year. Central employees are getting 38 percent dearness allowance from July 2022. The increase in DA is based on the data of All India Consumer Price Index (AICPI). The government gives DA to the employees, whereas dearness relief (DR) is given to the pensioners.

Now the next amendment in dearness allowance will happen in January 2023. Inflation figures from July to September have been done and at the end of November, the inflation rate of October will also be known. Experts say that the government can increase the DA of the employees by 4 percent next year.

In this way, dearness allowance can increase to 42 percent. Last month, there was a decrease in retail and wholesale inflation. But, global inflation still remains very high. Its effect may still be there.

7 percent increase in 2 times In the year 2022, the government has increased the DA of government employees by 7 percent twice. In January, dearness allowance was increased from 31 per cent to 34 per cent. In this way, the government increased the DA by 3 percent. In July, the government increased DA by 4 percent and increased it from 34 percent to 38 percent. This step of the government benefitted 50 lakh central employees and 62 lakh pensioners.

Basic salary will be merged as soon as it is 50%

Dearness allowance is revised every six months for the employees. But, a condition has been added to it under the 7th Pay Commission. That is, when the dearness allowance of the employees crosses 50 per cent, it will be merged with the basic salary of the employee. When it is 50 percent, the money that the employees will be getting as dearness allowance will be added to the basic salary and only the money will be given as revised salary allowance.