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Art in Life Foundation hosts art workshop in Tral

Art in Life Foundation hosts art workshop in Tral

Bilal Dar

Pulwama, June 24: Art in Life Foundation (AILF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting art and creativity, successfully organized an art workshop titled ‘Reimagining classrooms for the social and emotional well-being of children’ in the picturesque village of Lorow Jagir Tral, Pulwama, south Kashmir.

The second art workshop of the session, held at Govt Middle School, Lorow Tral, aimed to promote empathy, emotional intelligence, and positive relationships among the children and offered them an engaging artistic experience, complete with free art supplies and refreshments.

With the guidance of an experienced art instructor, Nadeem Mushtaq, the students had the opportunity to explore various art forms and techniques, unleashing their creativity through hands-on activities.

Over seventy-five students enthusiastically participated in the workshop, making it a resounding success.

The Art in Life Foundation, which is a community development initiative of JK Policy Institute (JKPI), is committed to bringing art to the students’ underserved communities as demonstrated by their decision to organize this workshop in the rural village of Lorow Jagir Tral. By bridging the gap and providing access to artistic opportunities, the foundation showcased the immense potential and talent within the village’s young minds.

“We strongly believe in the power of art to transform lives and inspire positive change,” said Akeel Rashid, the co-founder of the Art in Life Foundation. “This workshop aimed to empower children, ignite their creativity, and promote their emotional well-being. We are grateful to the staff of Govt Middle School, Lorow Tral, especially Headmaster Bashir Ahmad Wani and teacher Mir Masroor, for their warm reception and active participation.”

“The art workshop exceeded our expectations in terms of participant engagement and enthusiasm. We were thrilled to witness the growth and progress of each student artist as they explored different artistic techniques,” said Akeel.

“Art in Life Foundation remains steadfast in its mission to promote the transformative power of art and plans to organize more workshops and initiatives in the future. By investing in the social and emotional well-being of children, the foundation aims to create a brighter, more inclusive future for communities throughout Pulwama and beyond,” he said.

“Art workshops like these can have a significant positive impact on children’s development, allowing them to express themselves creatively while also addressing their social and emotional needs,” he added.

“It’s commendable that the Art in Life Foundation took the initiative to organize this workshop in the rural village of Lorow Jagir Tral. Access to such opportunities in remote areas is crucial for providing holistic education and nurturing the talents and potential of children who may otherwise have limited exposure to artistic activities,” said Bashir Ahmad Ahmad Wani, headmaster of Govt Middle School, Lorow Tral.

“Art in Life Foundation’s commitment to providing these workshops free of charge has made art education accessible to students who may not have had the opportunity otherwise,” he added.
Mir Masroor, one of the teachers at the school, said that he and his colleagues observed a remarkable improvement in their students’ confidence, artistic skills, and overall engagement in the learning process. “The workshop not only allowed the students to develop their artistic abilities but also fostered a sense of self-expression and individuality,” he said.

AILF’s free art workshop aims to provide a creative sanctuary for young students to explore their artistic potential. The organization believes that every child possesses an innate artistic spirit, and is thrilled to facilitate an environment where the children can tap into their creativity freely.

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